30" Stainless Steel French Door 3 piece package

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RF220pkg 3pc
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  • Spacious storage at just the right height

The most spacious 3-door fridge in its class

If you like to buy in bulk, the RF220 refrigerator easily accommodates your shopping list. Features such as LED lighting help increase storage space in both refrigerator and freezer compartments, giving you enough room to store an extra 15 gallons of milk. The additional space also helps you better organize your food items, so you can quickly find that jar of mayonnaise without keeping the door open for too long.

Greater flexibility meets greater capacity

Maximize your storage space, one shelf at a time. The RF220 features four split cantilever shelves that offer greater flexibility than the full-length shelves typically found in conventional refrigerators. Supported in the back for greater stability, each shelf is detachable — adjust higher or lower as necessary. Now you can easily make room for that big pot of homemade spaghetti sauce or the seven-layer cake you made for tomorrow night’s dinner party.

Brighter, gentler and more energy-efficient

LED lighting embedded in the ceiling illuminates the interior brightly yet gently. You’ll not only see your groceries better, you’ll also see more space, since there’s no protruding light bulb. You’ll also notice a difference in your electric bill. That’s because LED lighting is more energy-efficient than conventional bulbs and emits less heat, helping your fridge stay consistently cool.

Just the right height for your kitchen

Get the stainless steel look you want and the ample storage space you need with a refrigerator that meets your kitchen-cabinet height requirements. Just 66.81” tall, including the hinge (and 65.39” cabinet), the RF220 leaves room for overhead cabinets, even in smaller kitchens where space is at a premium.

Quietly save energy

The Digital Inverter Compressor enables the new Samsung French Door refrigerator to maintain a more consistent temperature and use electricity more efficiently. The resulting Energy Star® rating qualification means you save 25% more energy than the minimum DOE standard for fridges in its class. The compressor also helps preserve your home environment, running more quietly than conventional compressors.

A smarter way to store foods

A smartly designed bin system makes it easier to put away and take out fruits, vegetables, cheeses and more. The wide-open pantry, which features a flip-open top, pulls all the way out, so you can quickly grab that round of Edam cheese. There are also two drawers that capably hold all your produce, from apples and blueberries to yams and zucchinis.

Store gallons of milk in your door

The RF220 French Door refrigerator features deep and wide door guards that can hold more items than conventional door guards. They can even handle bulky items such as a one-gallon container of orange juice or milk. This helps free up valuable shelf space while making your groceries more easily accessible.


Dimension of RF220NCTASR/AA



    Sleek modern styling, solid usability
    Fits harmoniously with modern kitchens and improves usability. Its Stainless Steel Edge Style has a Wide View oven door and a wider cooktop surface with a stylish stainless steel frame that fits neatly in a kitchen.
    Sleek modern styling, solid usability
    Cooks much more & much larger dishes
    A massive 5.9 cu. ft. capacity oven lets you cook much larger dishes. It can easily accommodate large items, like a big roast or a 30lb holiday turkey, and it also has two wire oven racks to fit in various meals.
    Cooks much more & much larger dishes
    Enhanced cooking control & flexibility
    A five burner cooktop, including a Dual Burner with a choice of ring sizes, ensures you can simply and efficiently cook multiple dishes using different sized pots and pans and quickly and evenly cook bigger meals.
    Enhanced cooking control & flexibility

    Easily cleans stubborn cavity stains

    Steam Quick Cleaning technology requires less time, power and effort to remove stubborn stains. Steam loosens food particles, so they can be wiped away easily, leaving your oven sparkling clean in just 20 minutes.
    Easily cleans stubborn cavity stains

    Convenient extra storage drawer space

    A dedicated Storage Drawer provides somewhere handy to keep dishes or oven accessories. Whatever you need to prepare your meals can be kept within easy reach or you can simply grab a bowl or dish to serve it in.
    Convenient extra storage drawer space

    Safer cooking and much easier cleaning

    A Hidden Bake Heater makes it safe to cook and convenient to clean inside. The baking element is hidden in the floor, so it looks neater, makes it much easier to wipe away spills and reduces the risk of burns.
    Safer cooking and much easier cleaning

    Easily see everything inside

    A Wide View Door lets you see everything inside from corner to corner. There's a wider door screen, so you can easily keep an eye on whatever you're cooking without continually opening the door and wasting heat.
    Easily see everything inside



    • Net (WxHxD)

      759 / 1196 / 660 mm

    • Weight (Gross)

      76.3 kg

    • Gross (WxHxD)

      839 / 1280 / 769 mm

    • Weight (Net)

      65.1 kg


    • Stainless Steel Door

      The interior door is covered with stainless steel that’s more durable, hygienic. 

      Stainless Steel Door
      Adjustable Rack

      Adjustable Rack

      Adjustable upper rack makes it easy to fit various dishware shapes and sizes. 


      Digital Leak Sensor

      Identifies leaks as small as 2.4 oz and shuts itself off before water can escape. 

      Digital Leak Sensor
      Advanced Wash System

      Advanced Wash System

      A heavy-duty wash gets the pots and pans clean. 


      ENERGY STAR® Rated

      ENERGY STAR® rated means lower energy bills and carbon footprint than non-certified models.* *Only uses 265KWH/yr. Visit www.energystar.gov for guidelines.

      ENERGY STAR® Rated
      Touch Control

      Touch Control

      An integrated panel makes it easy to select functions with a gentle touch. Located on the top of the door for easy access, it offers simple control and is clear and easy to read. 


      14 Place Settings

      Accommodate 14 place settings so that you can wash multiple dishes at once.

      14 Place Settings


      • Weights & Dimensions

        Product Weight

        62.9 lb (28.6Kg)


        23 3/4" (604mm)


        24 5/8" (625mm)

        Adjustable Height

        33 3/4" (856mm) - 35 1/8" (894mm)