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Professionally Installed 2-Way LCD Remote Start System with up to 5,200 feet/1,584 meters of range*


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  • 2-way 5-button SST LCD transmitter with micro USB charger port 
  • 1-Way 5-button companion transmitter 
  • Multi-vehicle operation 
  • Three auxiliary outputs 
  • Status via alphanumeric and iconic LCD display 
  • User programmable transmitter language (English/French/Spanish) 
  • LCD scrolling text display

SmartStart Compatible


If you already have a compatible Autostart remote start system in your car, the DSMU300 or DSMU350 will add SmartStart capability to your system.

Now you can remote start or lock and unlock your car just by pushing a button on your Smartphone using the exciting new Autostart SmartStart app from Directed.

The simple graphical user interface gives you control over the following features of your installed Autostart remote start or security/remote start system: Lock/arm, Unlock/Disarm, Remote Start, Trunk Release, Panic or Car Finder. You can also control multiple vehicles - great for families! - and assign more than one user to control a vehicle. It's easy with SmartStart!

FM Technology


FM is a transmission medium well known for its better immunity to noise and interference than the AM transmission. FM provides a more stable communication of digital signals, therefore allowing better range, even in the worst environment. This is why the Autostart engineering team has developed a line of two-way systems that strictly use FM signals and extended the line of unidirectional models to include FM technology as well.

Virtual Tach System


Virtual Tach System (VTS), a dedicated A-to-D converter, samples your vehicle’s voltage hundreds of times each second, eliminating the need for a tachometer wire connection. The VTS constantly monitors the data and readjusts itself automatically in order to maximize its capability to start the engine properly in any weather or deteriorating battery condition.

SST Technology


Autostart Signature Series systems employ Spread Spectrum Technology (SST), digital frequency hopping and multiple frequency transmission to insure that if a frequency is blocked, the signal still goes through. SST also uses dual error correcting systems to combat signal data corruption and minimize signal interference. The result is rock solid range of up to 5,200 feet.

D2D Technology


Data-to-Data (D2D) allows remote starters and hybrids to seamlessly communicate with their matching XpressKit interface.


Unit Specific Features


  • 5-Button SST LCD transmitter
  • Up to 5200 feet
  • Status via alphanumeric / icon LCD transmitter display
  • Signal reception / operation confirmation (beep / text)
  • Bright backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • 8 user-programmable LCD backlight color
  • 2-way communication with SST Technology
  • Monopole antenna with embedded bright-blue LED
  • User-programmable time start
  • User-programmable transmitter language using scrolling text(English/French/Spanish)
  • User-programmable transmitter keypad lock
  • Optional sensor for remote temperature readout
  • User-programmable red/green backlight illumination upon lock/unlock
  • Transmitter battery level indicator
  • On-screen engine running countdown timer
  • Clock with alarm function
  • Parking meter countdown
  • Remote Controlled Valet Mode
  • Ignition Controlled Valet Mode
  • Temperature Sensor Compatible
  • Multi-car operation
  • Multi-level shift button
  • Built-in programmable OEM-style Alarm
  • Virtual Tach System (automatic transmission mode ONLY)
  • 3 auxiliary outputs
  • Aux. 1: Horn output or priority door access
  • Aux. 2: Constant while pressed or latched 30 sec. /4 min.
  • Aux. 3: Configurable trunk output
  • Configurable input:
  • Trunk pin monitoring
  • External trigger
  • Key sense