Stand up tanning booths offer a 360 degree non touch tan as well as a leg tanner to help with those stubborn leg tans.  Tanning is limited to once every 24 hours. Eye protection is mandatory. The eye protection we offer meets FDA regulations by blocking 99.9% of UVB and 99% of UVA.  For these reasons, we insist that you use eye protection every time you tan.
Tanning Session - $7.50
A tanning session is up to 15 min which includes dressing time.  Actual Tanning time will be determined by your skin type.
Tanning Cards
Tanning cards ARE transferable and have no expire date, but are NOT replaceable or refundable.
Starter Card - $45
6 sessions of tanning
Value Card - $90
13 sessions for the price of 12
Unlimited Tanning
One month of tanning starting from the date purchased - $49
Unlimited tanning is non-transferable.